One of Three: Tala, The Red Wolf

During the last months of work since we finished the Master at U.P.M. we have been toiling away, working in the prototype and finally some of the fruits have been starting to show, the HUD has started to take shape, the first map is almost complete and the protagonists are been made little by little.

And in that note, today we are going to present to you Tala, The Red Wolf, silent like a hunting wolf and deadly like a snake. Here are some of the concepts, that are being used to model her character.

Concept art full body Tala

Dressed in loose clothes and with a hair cut made with a knife, you could confuse Tala with a boy from afar and that is precisely what she wants. She is a little more reserved than Francis and Clyde, and it’s hard for her to express her ideas, mostly since she is not to skilled in English and also she doesn’t trust her companions. Even though, her steely glance says quite clearly that she must not be underestimated just because she is an Indian woman, and doing so will result in death.

Facial Concept art facial

The experiences have taught Tala that there is no place for Indians in the New America the white people are building and if you are also a woman, not one person is ever going to respect you. But there is something that she nows very well, that a Knife to the throat, makes any man cry like a baby boy.

In Vault Bandits, Tala brings in the stealth factor to the team, being capable of moving around without being noticed, capable of hiding in boxes and other places so she can execute an ambush on the guards. Her skill with a Knife is unmatched and she can end the life of anyone in the blink of an eye, but take into account that Tala is not strong enough to carry the body’s, something that Clyde will have to handle.

What would be a outlaw without a scarf?

Lastly, there is no lock that can resist Tala’s handling, making her the perfect explorer to move around without arising suspicions or sounding alarms, perfect to scout the terrain before taking other dangerous actions.


But since no one is perfect Tala does have an Achilles heel, and that would be without a doubt the use of firearms, in spite of the fact that Francis taught her the basics of using handguns, but the simple fact that they where made by the white people she hates so much, has made her reticent to using them, but give her a Bow and Arrow and Tala and she will make a fool of William Tell.

And thats all for today, we hope that you liked the post and we hope to be able to show you the 3D model of Tala very soon. And has you know by now you can always leave a comment or get in touch with us by Twitter  @ProjectDinamita, Facebook a Dynamite Project or through here 🙂

Good bye and see you next week!!

P.S. A thousand thanks to María Casillas, a friend of us that helped us a lot with the concept art, all of the concepts we have shown you are hers and of course another thanks goes too María Alea for helping us out with some Scenery concept art and the model sheets we have used to work on 3DS Max. 😀


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