Stealth Or Destruction?

Welcome back to a new blog post. Today we are going to be talking about one of the most important game Mechanics that have been implemented in Vault Bandits, just like the title hints, it´s about the ability to go around the levels silently or just busting everything and everyone you see.

Even though it´s a turn based Video game, Vault Bandits is not centered only on combat. Thanks to certain abilities of the protagonists, you´ll be able to pull of the robberies has if nothing ever happened, making sure no one detects you. We have been designing the Missions so you can beat them in the most combat/classical/crazy style or so you can do them completely with the use of some cunning, secrecy and patience, just make sure to loot everything from the safety box.

Just keep in mind that going through the levels in secrecy can be quite dangerous, for there are some zones where no unauthorized person can set foot without raising suspicion or making the guards that spot them, rise the alarm, making everyone immediately in the zone your enemy, and making the escape quite more difficult since a lot more guards and enemies might appear to pursue you.

Even though all of the protagonists, have some tricks up their sleeves that should facilitate or help out during the arduous task off passing unnoticed:

-First we have Tala, the most slippery person in the Wild West, able to walk near the guards without been noticed or heard, and who can also hide herself in some places.

–Then there is Francis, the sweet talker, with an extraordinary ability to distract guards and multitude of people with its incessant chats.

–And lastly Clyde, with his bad temperament and rowdiness, able to intimidate all the civilians so if an alarming situation comes up, they won’t even budge.

With the clever use of this abilities, our protagonist will be able to infiltrate in any zone, be it to steal all the valuables, or to kidnap the daughter of a V.I.P. or whatever else that needs to be done.

Of course if you are the type whose blood boils and wants to see rivers of blood, there is nothing wrong with that, after all the Vault Bandits protagonists are armed and now very well how to defend themselves, you could simply start the battle at the start of the level, but remember the protagonist are no super heroes and they can’t be replaced, if one off them dies, it’s ¡GAME OVER!, so remember to use the covers, and all the aggressive abilities that they have, and remember you can’t use your revolver if you run out of ammo, so keep an eye on it.

Of course, there is always the possibility of combining both type of tactics, killing only those enemies that are in the way between you and your price (hiding their corpses so they won’t find it or raise alarms).

But do take into account that all your actions, will have an impact on later missions, be it that you kill to many enemies or you leave to many civilians alive.

That’s all for today!! And has you now, if you have any comments or questions, you can contact us by Twitter at @ProjectDinamita, by Facebook at Dynamite Project or by this same blog. 🙂

Until next time!


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