Welcome To Nothing Ville (English)

Somewhere in some place in the old wild west, a long time ago a small town was constructed and named Nothing Ville. This small town came to be by the sheer necessity off having a post house between the course of two bigger city’s, but even though it’s name seems inconspicuous, it’s got quite a Story that today I shall reveal.

Expansion in the Wild west normally uses the help of a promoter and off willing people that want to start a new life somewhere where they have never been heard off, or simply for the adventure that is to become town settlers, just so the promoters for this new town where Wells Fargo & Co. the biggest administrators of post offices and  transport services by coach car whose services where already covering the grand majority of the west coast since there where no  railroads in this zone. With some time, the town started growing and expanding, adding a hotel, a bank and some other amenities.

But the thing is that even though there was a bank, there where no Sheriffs, only the security guards that where brought to protect the post office and the bank, the two most important buildings in this small town, even tough throughout time there have been multiple attempts of holdups, but I say attempts since all the Bandits that have tried it, ended being hanged like apples.

The town was named after a couple off years when the locals noticed that their town had never appeared in any newspaper, calendars or maps even though they had some interesting incidents happening there, specially all the holdups that ended normally with the Bandits all dead and hanged in the biggest tree in the town, but this fact was actually something planned by the recently elected governor Reynolds, who had been taking the liberty to make the town disappear form all the relevant media.

Just like in daytime live is peaceful and serene, the nights where commonly interrupted  by a gunfight, whispered conversations or a coach wagon racing at full speed to who nows where. The locals spoke of what could be happening but most off them know it’s a bad idea to poke their noses in matters they know nothing about, even more so where there are drawn weapons in the way.

This situation has been happening for quite some time, enough time to make it seem “Normal” to the locals, so anything that seemed dangerous before is now something that is part of their normal lives, giving in this way easy some leeway to the governor so he can keep doing his own business.

But all of this pacific life will be interrupted by the appearance of Three wild savages.


This is the small background entry that will accompany the first town that the protagonists will visit (without counting the tutorials and so on…).

In a design point of view, each level and map needs to have their unique history and details, for this same principle we need to give a undertone to it, so the artistic factor can be given a better focus (if it’s an old town and decrepit, if it’s a big and lively town full of people in the streets or simply a mercantile town) witch can also help us determine the buildings placement and other elements that compose the level.

On the other hand, creating the story also gives us the opportunity to use what we call “Silent Narrative”, that is to say, the possibility of telling a story by decorating the towns with a lot of details that Hint to events that have occurred (per example, bullet holes that show that in the past there had been a gunfight in the area,  a cadaver semi-buried that could show there had been a reckoning), in this way the player could find out a lot of interesting facts of the towns they visit only by observing the environment (giving the need to take a lot more time to watch the scenes to grab all the small and pretty details).

And so whe end this post for today with this little story about design, but don’t fret when the first level is completly finished will be sharing it with all of you through here first! :D.

I hope you liked it and whe will be seeing you again in next weeks post. Bye.



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