Development Diary #5

Hi everyone, Andres here, from now on I’m gonna be charged with the translation of the posts that my friend Miguel does. Without further adieu, the post.

So at this moment Time doesn’t run it just flies away, and the amount of work we have just keeps on piling, but we are still working hard and chipping little by little at the giant amount of work left so we can make an excellent game and product for everyone to play and enjoy.

This time we have been able to accomplish the next things:

1.- Toon Shader and Fog of War: Finally after a lot of work Andres (Yes, the same that is giving you the translations from now own, by the way, I’m sorry for my bad spelling or bad sentence organization, I haven’t used English in quite some time…)  has been able to finish the characters and terrain shader to give them a more cartoon look… But there’s still a lot of details to cover before we can say the shader is ready for the game, even more since we still want to give a darker toon style, but we are getting there little by little, and more importantly he was also able to make the shader work correctly with the Fog of War cod. The characters are now able to “open up” the map by exploring it, but be careful, you could find a guard that has been looking for you… So think again if you just want to rush in and start a gunfight with the whole town.

In game basic Fog of War

His next task is to work on the implementation of the AI. At the beginning we wanted to use a UNITY Asset Store package called RAIN that specializes on AI creation, but to do that we would be forced to remake all the existing code that has been implemented for all the actors, and since we don’t have so much time, Andres decided to make his own state machine AI. We’ll keep you in touch with the progress he makes.

2.- Constructing Nothing Ville: The first level develops in the little town of Nothing Ville, and even thought to this day the majority of the level is still a lot of boxes and cylinders, Inés and Santiago are working hard to give us a livelier town with a lot of different structures that you would find in a typical American Wild West Town like some houses, banks, churches and other cool stuff… After that there is still a lot of work to do on the ground and details (wind, vegetation, illumination, etc…) to give the little town a lot of character and make it unique in it’s own way.

3.- HUD And Texturing: After Antonios last post and a lot of happy go merry ideas, we have now a clear idea of the HUD’s design, how to let the player know what’s happening with everything in the screen and their player characters. In this way we want to facilitate you, the player, all the information needed, so you can know how much movements you can manage without trouble or all the actions you can take, but since all the programmers are occupied with other stuff, Antonio is texturing the NPC’s, at least until we can implement the HUD and its corresponding graphics.

HUD sketch
HUD sketch

4.- Testing and Game play: Lastly but in anyway not least important, Miguel has spent the whole week playing… Yeah playing Vault Bandits and testing everything, but here is the twist……. He isn’t using any PC or anything (Crazy HUH?!!!), he is playing in a white board in his house to see if everything is correctly balanced and to test all the possible scenarios that the game can take and  verify that the same level can be beaten in different ways using the unique skills off all the three characters, and also make sure that the game is very fun and deep enough for everyone.

So after a lot of hours of him playing with magnets and a lot of changes to the characters skills, he already has everything ready to program it in UNITY. So maybe with some luck and hope, the majority of the main characters skills will be ready for next weeks post.

Well folks thats all we are going to be talking about for today and this week post. So if you have any question or just want to comment something with us, you can do so by Twitter at @ProjectDinamita, using Facebook at Dynamite Project  or by this same blog.

Bye and until next time!!



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